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Welcome to the item Academy!

Learning just-in-time! The Academy is your online learning platform for immediately applicable knowledge and comprehensive online training. Discover free online training courses, step-by-step instructions and instruction videos on mechanical engineering and the item product world.
always available

The know-how of the item Academy is always available online.

immediately applicable

Short detailed solutions make you fit for direct use at the workbench.

complete courses

Train yourself comprehensively - at your own pace and when it suits you.

free at charge

Registered item customers have unlimited access to expert knowledge at no extra charge.

Basics of the MB Building Kit System

The MB Building Kit System offers the largest selection of specialized components so that you can achieve the optimum result for every task. You learn to systematically analyze problems online and receive step-by-step instructions on how to easily use profiles, connectors and accessories.

This is how lean manufacturing works
With the principles of lean production you declare war on hidden waste in production processes. The online trainings show how continuous improvement is used in solution-oriented equipment construction and convey advanced techniques of optimisation.

Targeted protection against ESD

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) causes damage running into millions every year. With knowledge of the various causes and sources, you can define targeted countermeasures. Keep up to date to protect your working environment with comprehensive ESD protection.